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Technical Advisory Group

The Technical Advisory Group (TAG) promotes collaboration across, and harmonization of, standardization initiatives that are developing data models, vocabularies, and schemas for credentials and competency frameworks, and related competency information such as criticality ratings and assessment data typically captured with a wide variety of systems.

The goal is to identify, document and openly share solutions that support comparability of credentials and competencies across industries/sectors, human resource systems, education, and government systems.

The Application Work Group (AWG) is a standing subgroup of the TAG and supports members who are using Credential Engine data to design and/or develop applications. Credential Engine will provide technical team support, and online tools (e.g., GitHub repository, Slack Channel, Google Docs) and host meetings to bring members together to foster support. Anyone interested in sharing technical challenges and solutions is welcome to join the Applications Work Group.


Developers are able to leverage the the Credential Registry API to build applications that can read or publish as much or as little information about credentials as they need to.

The Credential Engine project's developers are using Dublin Core Application Profiles process to create systems that communicate all virtually all aspects of credentials.

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Publishing Options

Credential Engine offers the following options for publishing to the Credential Registry:

  • Registry Assistant Publishing API
  • Manual Entry
  • Bulk Upload

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Search Options

Credential Engine offers a robust search API to enable developers to leverage the wealth of data contained in the registry, using the CTDL and CTDL-ASN schemas.

Credential Engine offers a way for non-technical participants to enable a credential search on their own website. The Credential Finder Widget can be customized to match your site's theme and your preferences for automatic filtering, so that the results it shows can be more closely tailored to your site's purposes.

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March 2020 CTDL and QData Releases are now available
Posted on 3/27/2020

The CTDL and QData schemas have officially been updated to the March 2020 Release.

March 2020 CTDL and QData Releases are pending
Posted on 3/20/2020

Some small updates are pending for the CTDL and QData schemas:

These changes will go live on Friday, March 27, 2020.

Credential Engine is Growing its Technical Team
Posted on 2/26/2020

Credential Engine is looking for a solution-oriented team player with a broad range of design, programming, and communication skills to join our growing technical team.

Learn more and apply

Competency Framework Publishing Guidance
Posted on 2/7/2020

We have released a new guidance page to help guide publishers through the process of publishing competency frameworks to the Registry. The Publishing Competencies and Concepts page covers the following broad topic areas:

  • Mapping your data
  • Entering your data with CE CaSS
  • Publishing your data
  • In-depth overviews of CTDL-ASN:
    • Competency Frameworks
    • Concept Schemes
January 2020 TAG Meeting Followup
Posted on 2/5/2020

Thank you to all TAG members that were able to participate in the TAG meeting this past Friday, January 31, 2020.

Below are links to additional information related to the meeting.