Query Helper

This page offers a tool designed to help you create and test CTDL queries for the Credential Engine Registry Search API. For documentation on how to use the Search API, click here. Click on a column header below to collapse or expand that column.
  • The Build column includes basic queries, use case queries, and queries from Credential Engine partners. You can select from these pre-made queries or build your own.
  • The View column allows you to view, edit, and create queries. Queries you select from the Build column will also appear here.
  • The Test column shows the results of your queries.
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Select or build a query to start with.
General Queries
Partner Queries
Use Case Queries
Manually edit CTDL queries here. Press shift + spacebar to insert a tab.
Skip # Results
Take # Results
Limit # Related URIs
Limit # Related Items
HTTP POST https://sandbox.credentialengine.org/assistant/search/ctdl
HTTP POST https://apps.credentialengine.org/assistant/search/ctdl
Authorization Bearer [Your API Key Here]
Click the "Run Query" button in the View tab.

Simple search results will show here.

The structure of the data, including use of the RelatedItems array, is reflected here.

This is the raw response from the server.